Sunday, November 23, 2008

Need Low Cost Menu Plans?

It's been a busy month here as I am trying to make a military move. All the extra tasks to do with getting a house ready to rent have limited my blogging time. I'm still in cheap and easy cooking mode though. Right now I have next to nothing in my cabinets so I am thinking in terms of one meal at a time. This is definitely different for me as I am typically a menu planner. I find it easier to cut my grocery budget when I menu plan and take advantage of larger packs of meat or the ability to recycle left overs. I have several meal plans on Associated Content which may give you an idea of how to cut grocery costs by menu planning.

View my article with three weeks of dinner meals for $75 here

Fourteen Days of Cheap Dinner meals can be read here.

Cheap Pasta Meal ideas are found here.

I'll be working on more as I set up a new household and start back with grocery shopping based on a menu plan.

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