Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Make a Halloween Pep-o-Lantern

Halloween is a fun time for kids but often the decorations and food preparation are not easy enough for them to take an active part. Easy, yet fun to make, Halloween foods can make the holiday even more fun for your kids. Carving a jack-o-lantern isn't easy enough for little kids and winds up being a Halloween project mostly done by the parent. Consider carving Halloween pep-o-lanterns with your kids for an easy, fun food project this year. Pep-o-lanterns are fun to make, and are easy enough for even a small child to work with their own pepper.You can make your Halloween Pep-o-Lantern with any type of stuffing you want. You can use a standard pepper stuffing (the ground beef and rice recipes you easily find by a quick Internet search). Or you can make them even more fun for the kids by making Pizza Pep-o-Lanterns. A Halloween Pizza Pep-o-Lantern is an easy, fun, kid's Halloween project. Each child can choose the pizza fillings they like since each pepper is done individually. Click here the steps to making Pizza Pep-o-Lanterns.

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