Friday, February 6, 2009

Back to the Easy cooking days

Cheap, Easy Cooking. Gosh it is easy to stray away from something when you get busy. That has been the case for me. I strayed from my blogs while I was in the midst of a recent household move. Although I have not been blogging I have been scoping out things that are considered cheap easy cooking in my view. Now that I am in a different country shopping is different for me so I am having to adapt my ideas of what to have for dinner. I have to admit, the easy part isnt quite as easy but not having convenience foods has made it healthier. One thing that I would encourage anyone looking for increasing the ease of their meals to do, is invest in a rice cooker. We have had ours for about 10 years now and use it almost every day. Rice, even with the recent rise in costs, is still one of the main staples of cheap easy cooking. Watch the widget on the blog for meal plans as I continue to post them on Associated Content. If you would like to find some of the older ones, just visit my page for all of the articles I have written.

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